Admissions - Procedures

To seek admission to Westwood International School parents need to complete and provide for each child:  

  1. an Application for Admission Form  
  2. at least two recent school reports (translated into English where appropriate)  
  3.  a copy of the applicant's birth certificate  
  4. one current passport-sized photograph  
  5. evidence of good financial standing from the previous school  

 If a child has a special or specific need please provide us with all the necessary documentation such as:

  1. Specialist Report (e.g. Occupational Therapist Reports, Psychological Reports and Doctors Evaluations etc.)  
  2. Report and/or assessment from Special Needs Teacher of former School.  
 Additional Requirements for Secondary School Admission
 A student wishing to enroll in the secondary school must meet the following additional requirements:
  1.  successful completion of the preceding year or its equivalent in another recognised educational institution
  2. a general fit within the recognised age-group for the intended year of study (see table on the school website)
  3. a previous school record free from behavioural or discipline problems; and
  4.  where a student has English as a second language, enrollment will be dependent on their ability to access the curriculum, with reasonable ESL support.
Where any of the above requirements are not fully met, the school may, at the Head of School's discretion, admit a student on a conditional placement, subject to review as outlined above. Admission to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is subject to previous examination results and/or school reports, as well as admission criteria as stipulated by the IBO.
A student who has received schooling equivalent to the highest year at WIS from another educational institution is not eligible for admission to WIS. A WIS student who has completed two years in the IB Diploma Programme may enroll for a further, final year in order to complete graduation requirements.


•     Failure to disclose your child’s full previous school history may result in cancellation of enrollment.

•     Please understand that by completing this form, you authorize the school’s Admissions Office to contact your child’s previous school, to clarify questions relating to academic achievement, behaviour and special needs, and to confirm that the applicant was in good financial standing at the time of departure.

•     Completion of this form does not in any way guarantee that a place will be available or that a place will be offered.

•     Minimum Age Requirements to qualify for entry into all grades -- a child should normally have reached the official entry age before 31 August of the year of admission.

•     Please also note that the payment of non-refundable Capital Development Levy (CDL) serves to confirm acceptance of a school place, if offered. The CDL is distinct from the term fees and that the CDL is non-refundable under all circumstances.